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Kids Dentistry

Set the right tone for your child's dental health.

At Premier Dental Group, we're committed to helping parents keep their children happy and healthy. One of the most important foundations of overall well-being is dental health. To avoid complications in the future, it's imperative that parents take their children to qualified and experienced dentists like the ones at Premier Dental Group to receive routine checkups and necessary procedures. 

What if my children are scared of the dentist?

It's not uncommon for children to be a little hesitant when visiting the dentist. But one of the best things that parents can do to avoid this issue and make their children more comfortable is to schedule regular visits early on in your child's life. This familiarity ensures your child will come to think positively of the dentist.


Are your dentists qualified to work with children? 

The team at Premier Dental Group has extensive experience working with children. Not only are our dentists experts in child dental health, but they're also awesome with kids! They'll walk your child through the procedure in terms they can understand to make sure they know what to expect. Our family-friendly office is specifically designed to make all members of the family feel more comfortable and relaxed. We want to prove that going to the dentist can be fun!

Fissure Sealant 

Protect your teeth from decay and plaque. 

What is a fissure sealant? 

A fissure sealant fills grooves, pits, and cracks in your tooth to keep decay and plaque at bay. The procedure is simply to apply, quick, and pain-free. The material is comprised of clear or white resin to better blend in with the colour of your teeth. 

When do you need a fissure sealant? 

Fissure sealants are required when grooves develop within your tooth. These fissures occur naturally on some of the teeth. These spaces can easily become filled with bacteria and food. Since these grooves are tough to clean efficiently, tooth decay can occur.


Ideally, a fissure sealant is applied within a year of a tooth eruption to keep harmful bacteria away. Many children and teenagers receive fissure sealants because decay can occur the minute the back teeth are fully grown. Still, some adults will require the procedure too. 

How long do fissure sealants last? 

Although it varies between individuals, fissure sealants can last multiple years before becoming worn down. However, routine checkups with the experts at Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park can help prolong the lifespan of your sealants. 

Contact us today to set up a dental appointment for your child soon.

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