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Emergency Dental 

Prompt, comprehensive emergency dental services.

At our dental clinic, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time and can be incredibly distressing. That's why we offer comprehensive emergency dental care to patients in need. Our team of experienced and highly skilled dentists is dedicated to providing prompt and effective treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort as quickly as possible.

We offer a wide range of emergency dental services, including treatment for toothaches, abscesses, broken or knocked out teeth, and soft tissue injuries. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest dental equipment, allowing us to provide quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment. We also have a variety of pain management options to ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible during their visit.

Where possible, we also offer same-day appointments, so you can see a dentist as soon as possible. Our dentists will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. We also offer follow-up care to ensure that your recovery is as smooth as possible.

We accept all major dental insurance plans and offer flexible payment options, including financing, to help make emergency dental care more affordable. Our team is committed to providing high-quality and affordable dental care to patients of all ages.

Don't let a dental emergency ruin your day, visit us for emergency dental care today! You can also book an appointment online, or if you have any questions, please give us a call, we will be happy to help.


If you or someone you know is experiencing a dental emergency, visit the Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park for prompt, emergency attention. Dental emergencies can be distressing, especially when accompanied with pain or swelling. Sometimes the discomfort can affect your ability to eat and sleep comfortably. It is important that these are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible, to allow you to return to health and comfort.

What can emergency dental care help with?

There are a variety of reasons you would need emergency dental attention including: 

  • Tooth pain

  • Sensitivity

  • Broken tooth 

  • Lost filling 

  • Loose or knocked-out tooth

  • Swelling

What can I expect from emergency dental services?


At Premier Dental Group, we're committed to providing our patients with comprehensive emergency dental services. We'll do everything in our power to see you as quickly as possible to ensure your emergency dental issues are resolved successfully and promptly. All of our dentists are highly trained and well-equipped to deal with emergency situations and will provide the utmost level of care and attention to each patient.


What will happen during my emergency appointment?

- Our dentists will examine your presenting issue and take an x-ray if required to diagnose the cause of the problem.

- They will then discuss their findings in ways that are easy to understand.

- They will present to you the different options available to address the presenting issue and allow you the opportunity to decide which option you prefer.

- If required our dentists will prescribe medication that can help improve your condition.

- Our dentists will be available for follow up appointments if required.


If you have an emergency dental need, Premier Dental Group in Roxburgh Park is happy to help.

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