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Custom Mouthguards 

Protect your smile.

What are custom mouthguards?

A custom mouthguard is designed to protect your teeth, gums and jaws. Whether you’re playing a sport in school, have a physically demanding job, or engaging in any other kind of physical activity, a custom mouthguard can protect your smile by reducing the amount of impact your teeth and jaw feel. 

Why should I get a custom mouthguard?

Think of a custom-fitted mouthguard like an insurance policy against the possibility of significant damage to your teeth. Instead of having to pay for a costly procedure to fix a chipped, loose, or completely lost tooth, you’re investing in a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth from accidents. 

What are the advantages of a custom mouthguard?

  • They’re custom-tailored to fit your unique mouth for ultimate protection. 

  • They’re good for a long time after customisation. 

  • They fit well in your mouth to prevent movement. 

  • They’re made of durable, vinyl material.  

  • You can customise the colours of the mouthguard.,


Looking for a custom mouthguard? Your dentist at Premier Dental Group can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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